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Last Friday a first set of SEXTUPLETS was born in almost 25 years! Four healthy girls and two boys have beaten incredible odds of 4.5million-to-one to survive birth. Girls and boys Congratulations! Parents are still hoping for a miracle as the babies continue to fight for their lives. Babies were delivered by Caesarean section 14 weeks (3 months!) too early at the renowned John Radcliffe Hospital, at the Oxford. But the little bundles are recovering well, and each of the six babies is being cared for close by in the Radcliffe Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Vicky Lamb, who is 31, from Oxfordshire is overwhelmed with the fact that her bundles of joy are making a good recovery in the hospital where they were born. Vicky and her husband are extremely grateful to the John Radcliffe hospital and all doctors and nurses and other staff. The babies were very tiny at the time of birth, which was expected because of the fact they were born 12 weeks prematurely, and they were sextuplets. They were very tiny and their birth weight was ranging from only 1.3 to 2lbs. Parents still cannot take their children home: there is a long way off before they take them home. Sextuplets are still critical and they are all fighting for their lives. Parents do realize they are praying for a small miracle, but let's not forget that babies already beat incredible odds of 4.5million-to-one to survive birth.

However, doctors and nurses have been monitoring them closely after their premature arrival, and they are all very proud to be a part in such unique delivery, but they do emphasis that next several weeks will be critical and that babies born this early need a lot of specialist care. Therefore, they are receiving round the clock intensive care and specialist nursing at the moment and their condition is constantly monitored. Britain welcomes 130 sets of triplets and 11,000 sets of twins are born each year. The last set of sextuplets was born in 1986 after a fertility treatment, but one of the babies died at the birth. Last year US welcomed miracle of 8 babies when Nadya Suleman delivered 6 boys and 2 girls after having an IVF treatment.

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