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August marks International Breastfeeding Month, an initiative that was started to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage a spike in breastfeeding rates. This August, and this International Breastfeeding Month, is also the first time for me to write about nursing as a blogger, while I no longer have a nursling myself. My youngest is two and a half years old and self-weaned several months ago. Time really does fly!

If you've ever read breastfeeding literature provided by medical professionals, like in your doctor's office, you will immediately bump into tons of information about everything that can go wrong during the breastfeeding period. The same goes for a medium that is much more widely accessed by pregnant women and breastfeeding moms across the globe the internet. We have written our fair share about breastfeeding complications on this site because women who run into trouble deserve information and the knowledge that it is indeed possible to overcome most difficulties.

Perhaps the intended message is something like breastfeeding can be difficult sometimes, but in the majority of cases, sticking with it is more than worth it. Pregnant mothers may not see it that way. The may think breastfeeding is hard, and breastfeeding can be very painful! Complications can crop up. That is obvious, and something you will read everywhere. I wanted to take this opportunity to say that in most cases, breastfeeding is easy as pie and not painful at all. I nursed my two babies for a total of four years (between them, not each!), and never can any problem at all. Some say that breastfeeding is an art to be learned. My daughter didn't get that message when she latched on minutes after she was born at home, and my son (who didn't nurse right after birth) nursed for more than two years before he decided he was a big boy and wanted to wean.

There never was any pain, or problem, or worry that my milk was not enough for my babies. Breastfeeding for me was easy, it enabled me to work with a nursing baby right in my lap, it was free, and the breast was always with me to nourish and comfort my babies and toddlers whenever they needed it. Yes, I was proud to breastfeed in public! Breastfeeding needn't be a struggle at all. For us, it was a giant joy. And I admit that all this press about breastfeeding right now makes a part of me want to have another baby, right now.

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