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What exactly is histrionic personality disorder and what arethe main characteristics?

Histrionic personality disorder is a condition characterizedby too dramatic behaviors in order to get the attention or to draw attention tooneself. This kind of behavior starts in the period of early adulthood and itmanifests in various situations. This type of personality disorder is closelyrelated to the physical appearance of the person who suffers from it, andaccording to some researches, those with above-average appearances areprimarily affected, regardless of the gender. These people so desperately needto be in the center of attention that they are ready to manipulate. They willbe charming, seductive, and even impulsive to achieve that, but if they do notsucceed, they will cry. They are usually too demanding, but in fact, they have strongdependency needs and their frustration threshold is very low. When it comes totheir cognitive style, it is usually superficial, while details are missing. Sincethey tend to dramatize in order to impress other people even when it comes to theirpersonal relationships, their relationships are not sincere and social life isnot rich.

What is the cause of histrionic personality disorder and canit be cured?

The real cause of this personality disorder is definitelynot known, but it is very likely that biological, cognitive and social factorsplay an important part in its development. More research is to be done on thisissue, but when it comes to the treatment, there is a chance to improve thecondition significantly. The truth is that people with this disorder usually lookfor help after some failed romantic relationship or conflicts with others. Theseand similar situations cause anxiety and sometimes even depression, and whathelps the most in such cases is actually psychotherapy. It will help a personto become aware of personal feelings and deal with the possible underlyingconflicts. Medications can help with some symptoms, but the whole treatmentcannot be based on medications only.

If it is not treated, it can be the cause of a number ofconflicts and complications in personal life, and it can be an obstacle inreaching the goals and potentials in work. As for the complications, the person in question might haveproblems in dealing with personal failures, or loss of a close person, forexample, either due to death or due to the end of a relationship.

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