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Histrionic personality disorder

Histrionics is a word that describes a deliberate display of emotions, meant to cause some sort of effect on others. A person suffering from histrionic personality disorder or HPD tends to dramatize excessively and to engage in highly emotional behavior. People with HPD are lively, loud, dramatic, provocative, constantly seeking attention, they appear to others as narcissistic, egoistic and shallow and they are easily bored.

Histrionic personality disorder should not be confused with simply being very emotional. When a very emotional person acts on the emotion, it is because he or she truly believes in it and sees no shame in displaying it. a person with HPD, on the other hand, uses an emotion or intentionally emotionalizes a situation so he or she can become the center of attention. They believe their problems are bigger than they really are, they become frustrated when the focus is not on them and they do not do well in personal relationships.

Causes of histrionic personality disorder

There is no single known cause for histrionic personality disorder. There are many psychiatric theories that explain why this disorder occurs. The factor causing this disorder, according to many, can be found in certain biological aspects. According to others, the reason for it is a situation or an event which occurred in childhood. Some of the factors that have an impact on this disorder include the nature of the relationship between the mother and the child, death of loved ones, divorce and similar traumatic experiences, as well as hereditary factors.

Symptoms of histrionic personality disorder

Given the nature of HPD, its symptoms are easily recognizable. People with HPD, often jokingly referred to as “drama queens”, have an obsessive need to become and stay in the center of attention, and when they are not, they are upset. Their sexual behavior is inappropriate, exaggerated, provocative and even insulting, and they cannot stand criticism or disapproval. These people change their mood rapidly and erratically, they do not connect with others well on emotional level, they have a reduced ability to emphasize and they generally appear shallow.

A person with histrionic personality disorder is easily frustrated, he or she takes rash decisions and risks, reacts abruptly, misinterprets signals from others, focuses a lot on the physical appearance and has a tendency towards the exhibitionistic behavior. He or she is easily influenced and generally acts very emotionally and dramatically in situations when such behavior is inappropriate. The main thing is that such behavior does not seem inappropriate to the person suffering from histrionic personality disorder, which is a source of frustration, irritation, anger and depression.

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