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Split personality disorder is a very frightening and complicated mental disorder. It is frightening because the behavior of the affected person changes as he or she switches personality and the person can’t control the behavior in a state like this. The affected person is very confused when something like this happens. The sufferer is not able to realize what is going on and it is very frustrating and confusing. Experts need a lot of time to diagnose this condition and therefore, they need the assistance such as personality disorders tests. This test can help them to some point, but for setting a diagnosis, they will need other information.

Split personality disorder

A health disorder called split personality disorder is determined if one individual shows two or more different personalities. The reasons for switching personalities can vary. During the past years, this disorder was named multiple personality disorder, but today we call it dissociative personality disorder. Here, usually one of the personalities is dominant and the other or others are submissive. These individuals have the feeling that they don’t actually live their lives and they say that they feel like they are not involved in what is happening with and around them, but that their lives are just passing by.

Split personality disorder tests

Tests that are used for revealing split personality disorder are structured and standardized. There are several tests that can be used in this purpose and they were all changed from the day they were initially created. These tests are different from tests that are done to detect physiological changes in the body. The newest forms of these tests are developed by the main psychiatric institutions.

SCI-D or structured clinical interview for DSM- IV dissociative disorders is an interview that can last from half an hour to an hour and a half. This time variation is due to different individuals that are tested and their different histories of illness.DDIS or dissociative disorders interview schedule is a test that lasts from 35 to 45 minutes and it can detect different mental disorders that are included in the newest classification of mental disorders.DES or dissociative experiences scale is used to reveal the signs of this particular health problem. However, this test is usually used at the beginning of the diagnostic procedure and only high results can be taken into the consideration. When, a person has high result on this test, then we can proceed with the other tests.

These tests can be performed only by experts in this area who need to have licenses.

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