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There are numerous different types of herbs and essentialoils which are highly beneficial when it comes to proper skin care, and most ofthem are commonly contained in various sorts of skin care products.

Essential Oils and Herbs

Almond essential oil is very good for dry skin and it iscommonly used as carrier oil which blends well with other sorts of essentialoils. It has excellent nourishing and emollient properties. Yogurt is alsogreat for normal and oily skin. Jojoba oil may come in very handy when it comesto conditioning the hair and cleansing the scalp. It is an excellentmoisturizer, makeup remover and a cleaning agent. It has anti aging andantibacterial properties as well. Jojoba oil can also be used as carrier oil. Seaweedis excellent when it comes to reducing the cellulite, among other qualities.Aloe vera is known for its potent astringent, healing and rejuvenating propertiesand it can be used for dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wounds, sunburns,burns and any type of skin irritation. Rosemary is highly praised because ofits potent antioxidant properties. It can also be used for the stimulation ofthe skin, especially the scalp. Anise can be used for the preparation of a veryhealthy and beneficial type of tea. Pregnant women should avoid using it,though. Rose has potent astringent, hydrating, stimulating and moisturizingproperties so it is very good for all different skin types.

Avocado is excellent when it comes to rejuvenating andregenerating the skin, while patchouli may come in very handy in all cases ofitchy skin and inflammatory conditions. Carrot is excellent at balancing different skin complexions, healing theskin and nourishing it. Oats are known for having very strong softening andemollient qualities. Chamomile can be used for the toning of all differentsorts of complexions and it also provides the skin with an amazing antiinflammatory effect. Sometimes it may trigger dermatitis in some cases. Some personsmay also experience certain allergic reactions. Different types of nuts such aspecans, cashews and almonds can be used as scrubs against the dryness,blackheads and wrinkles. Mud can also be very beneficial for the overall healthof the skin. Honey also works wonders when it comes to skin health, and thesame can be said for lanolin. Other important remedies which can be used for anumber of skin related medical conditions include lavender, jasmine, ginseng,geranium and green tea.

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