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Essential oil

Other names for essential oils are asvolatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea or just the oil of the plant from which it was extracted. It is called essential because it contains the distinctive scent of the plant it was extracted from. All essential oils differ from one another and each and every one of them has some characteristic fragrance. In order for the essential oil to be created, the process of distillation is used most often. If not, expression or solvent extraction are used. These processes are not used only for the making of an essential oil but in the making of soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, food and drink flavoring and even for the addition of scent to certain household cleaning products. Essential oils are in medicinal uses for a very long time. They were used to treat various ailments, from skin rashes to even cancer. With the appearance of aromatherapy the usage of essential oils has once again become very popular. The reason for this is because aromatherapy claims that essential oils have healing properties. There are several ways these oils are used as a part of the aromatherapy.

Three useful essential oils with health benefits

There are plenty of essential oil types on the market, but a majority agrees that certain three have excellent health benefits.

Orange blossomThe first one is called orange blossom or sometimes neroli. Steam distillation is used in the process of making this essential oil and it is extracted from fresh orange flowers. Along with jasmine and rose essential oils, orange blossom is considered to be the most expensive essential oil on the market. Health benefitsLots of people use this oils to treat diarrhea when they blend it with carrier oil and massage the abdomen. Depression can be cured as well. A person just needs to inhale it or add a couple of drops to the bath. A person who suffers from sensitive skin can massage it with this oil blended with carrier oil. Some even claim that anxiety can be cured if a person simply inhales neat oil.

PetigrainThis oils has similar properties to orange blossom since it was extracted from the leaves of the orange blossom tree. Lots of people prefer this oil to neroli because it is not as expensive. Health benefitsIf a person adds this oil to the bath or blends it with carrier oil he or she can relieve the symptoms of stress and fluid retention. By inhaling it, a person will lessen the problems with memory. This oil can be applied to spotty or irritated skin as well.

Ylang-YlangThis essential oil is extracted from the flowers of this plant by steam distillation. Some claim that it possesses aphrodisiac powers. Health benefitsWith proper use of this essential oil a person can fight depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, panic and spotty skin.

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