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Massage time

As it has been proved and confirmed the many times, employing variety of essential oils and incorporating them in a massage does not only make a massage more soothing and relaxing, but also enhances its healing power significantly. Essential oils plus massage will give the massage in question not only a more tranquilizing and pleasant effect, but also one more dashing and energized. The effectiveness of a massage also depends on the choice of oils, as well as on the expertise of the masseur and his/her techniques. For example, slow movements have an immense potential to relax a person, whereas faster movements have the potential to stimulate. One important thing that all masseurs should bear in mind is that, prior to applying the chosen essential oil, it should be diluted in a carrier oil first. One of the reasons is that essential oils, as such, are known to be quite strong concentrates and due to this, they should not be applied in their primary form to the skin, unless of course, it is indicated otherwise.

Facts and basic information - carrier oils

The best and the simplest way to term them is the following – these oils are exactly that which is implied in the name they bear, i.e. they are specific type of oils responsible for carrying the essential oils. Since there exists a great number of different varieties of essential oils, so is the case with the carrier oils. The varieties go as follows:

Almond oil is extremely applicable given the fact that it is easily absorbed by the person’s skin, it is of smooth quality, almost no smell, sticks well and is also rich in vitamin D. Another upside is that it also very beneficial for hair, brittle nails and dry skin.Apricot kernel oil is characterized as the lighter type of oils, rich in vitamin A and especially beneficial for the face and dry and aging skin.Avocado oil is the heavy one, but extremely abundant in nutrients and especially beneficial for dry, aging, as well as highly sensitive skinPrimrose oil is the one to be employed in case a person in question is suffering from such conditions as psoriasis and eczema.Grape seed oil is another variety, light in nature, extremely beneficial and a good solution for the oily type of skin. It is among those oils that are extremely inexpensive.Hazel nut oil is extremely applicable since it has the ability to go through the skin without any effort and is considered to be highly nourishing.

Other highly recommended varieties include – jojoba oil, olive oil, peach kernel oil, soya oil, sunflower oil and also wheat germ oil.

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