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Information on Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum essential oil is not very popular in the UnitedStates due to the fact that it is relatively unknown. Its popularity doesgradually grow over time because it is one of the most potent essential oils whenit comes to providing the human body with numerous different types of healthbenefits. It is very popular in the European medical aromatherapy. Thehelichrysum plant family includes more than five hundred different species andmost of them can be characterized by bright yellow flowers and pale greenleaves. Only the helichrysum italicum can be used for the production of the socalled “everlasting” essential oil. A rare subspecies of italicum, calledserotinum is even more beneficial, if one can get hold of one. It is alwaysimportant to use essential oils which have the purest original source material,so that its health benefits and efficacy are at the highest levels. Thehelichrysum plant originates from the Mediterranean region, which is known forthe distillation of finest oils known to mankind. The growing popularity of thehelichrysum oil has triggered the start of the production in the United Statesas well. Numerous laboratory tests have shown that the active constituentsactually have a higher concentration than those which originate fromEurope. The main advantage of suchdomestically produced oils is the fact that they are very efficient and thatthey cost significantly less than their European counterparts.

Health Benefits of Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysium is highly beneficial due to the fact that itpossesses very potent tissue regenerating, tension relieving, analgesic andanti inflammatory properties. It is the only essential oil which containscertain types of chemical compounds known by the name of di-ketones. They arevery efficient when it comes to the regeneration of different organs andtissues in the human body. It can be applied in its undiluted form to alldifferent sorts of wounds such as scrapes and cuts. It is very efficient inhealing all different medical problems which commonly affect the connectivetissues, muscles and the skin. It may also come in very handy when it comes toreduction and healing of scars. Helichrysum oil can also be used for thetreatment of twists and bruises and the prevention of hematoma and swellingwhich are often associated with such ailments. It may also come in very handy when it comes to the reduction od skinstretch marks. Helichrysum oils can also be used for the treatment ofneuralgia, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, blood clotting, common cold, stress,exhaustion, asthma, cough, nervous tension, headaches and poor bloodcirculation.

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