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ADHD can lead to serious problems for both child and parent. Children with this problem experience the world in a different way to others. For these children, every sight, sound and sensation has the potential to be a distraction. Those with the condition tend to have serious problems with concentration, memory, impulse control, and processing speed. Parents of those with ADHD will normally struggle to convince the child to undertake homework or even the most basic of household chores. Even convincing an ADHD child to perform simple chores can be a difficult process. Parents might feel drained and lacking in energy.

About ADHD
ADHD can be addressed, but the condition normally requires the help of a qualified professional. The discovery of "neuroplasty" in recent years has been greatly beneficial with regard to the treatment of ADHD. Neuroplasticity enables the brain to grow cells or modify the function of existing cells.
Cognitive exercises have proved useful with regard to producing changes in how the brain works. This allows parents and medical professionals to better work out the best solution to help a child manage his or her ADHD. Here are some of the exercises that can be used in order to help with the management of ADHD.
One such exercise is the coin game. This game improves memory and sequencing as well as concentration and attention. Kids also enjoy the game, as it can be fun and fast paced. Find a small pile of assorted coins, as well as a stopwatch and a carboard sheet with which to cover the coins. Pick five coins and put them in a sequence. Cover the coins and tell the child to replicate the pattern with five more coins from the pile. Ask the child to keep trying until the correct pattern is replicated.
Positive imagery and relaxation can also be used to improve the mental condition of a child with ADHD. Deep breathing and positive visual imagery can be greatly beneficial . For example, if you tell a person to mentally practice their golf swing, the brain will record the imaginary trials as well as the real trials. ADHD kids can thus be told to imagine that they are paying attention in class, or other similar positive behavioral attitudes.
Mind and body integration might also be used to improve things for an ADHD child. One such way to do this would be to ask your child to sit in a chair without moving. The parent should then measure the amount of time for which the child can perform this action.

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