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Studies have shown that over one third of children in the US have weight problem. The common causes are inactivity and bad nutrition. Weight problems influence the healthy body development, have serious psychological impact on kids and can lead to serious chronic health problems.Extra weight can easily be solved with healthy nutrition and regular physical activity.

Nutrition for weight loss

The nutrition should include vegetables, fresh fruit and fiber rich food. The best way to ensure proper nutrition is to prepare food at home. Including the child in the food making process can be helpful. Soft drinks and fast food are things to avoid. The healthy nutrition is a great thing but should not become a torture. Allowing the child a treat from time to time is a good thing.

Weight Loss Exercises for Kids

Same as with adults, the exercise program should be fun and not a chore. Trying out different activities to find the one most fitting, or changing it in case it gets boring is most recommended. There should be no pressure involved. The goal of the workout is always to improve the current state gradually. Setting the goal is always good, but it should be focused on personal progress, it does not have to shoot for Olympics or professional sport. The physical activity should fit the child’s character. Pushing children into sports they do not feel comfortable with can be counter productive and stressful. Working out should always be focused on self improvement, even in competitive activities. It is very important for the child to understand this.Starting a workout program from scratch is quite a task and requires support and motivation. It is important to understand the social structures that the child is a part of. Therefore support and motivation should be always present but moderate and with good measure.Keeping the track of the results and progress is great for motivation. It should always be made fun. Rewarding the kid for his accomplishments can also be a good way of support. By setting a good healthy life example, the parents offer great support. The benefits are shown both in health and quality family time.Walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, jumping and various other forms of sport and activity are suiting for kids exercise. But the important thing is to keep the workout dynamic and fun so it does not get boring. This can be achieved by trying out different activities, or inventing games that include physical activity. The exercise should be planned according to the kid’s age both physically and psychologically. For children who do not like sports, dancing or martial arts could be more fitting. Trying to involve the child in the planning process is recommended, rather than trying to push him or her into it.

Yoga for overweight children

Yoga is great full body exercise. It improves flexibility, concentration and reduces stress. This goes for both adults and children. Even though it might be a suiting activity to share with a child, again, it is not something a kid should be pushed into. If the child shows interest, yoga consists out of various animal postures that are great for weight loss. Inventing games that include yoga is a great idea. It can make yoga fun for a child and keep all the health benefits that accompany yoga.

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