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Physical fitness is important even for children. Kids are normally active and want to undertake exercise. However, the growing problem of obesity and lethargy in children means that it is more important than ever for children to undertake proper exercise regimes. Often, lethargy in children stems from a lack of encouragement on the part of parents, or those in contact with the child. It is also vital for adults to encourage positive physical behavior in children, as it is normally negative attitudes on the part of adults that leads to lethargy in children.

Helping kids get active
Parents play a vital part in this regard. They are the ones best placed to recognize traits in children and seek to change negative behavioral patterns in a positive manner. It is important that adults do not complain or exhibit a negative attitude towards the undertaking of exercise, particularly those who have children or are in close, regular contact with children. Even housework can be a source of exercise for a kid. Chores such as vacuuming, washing dishes and working in the yard can be good ways to exercise for a kid. Fitness should be made a positive, fun experience, something which every parent should strive to achieve in relation to their own children.
It might be a good idea to limit a child's exposure to television, computers and video games. If the playing of video games cannot be avoided, kids should be encouraged to play games that revolve around movement. Many games exist today that require the playing of guitars or the swinging of baseball bats.
If you decide to join a gym, it might be advisable to find a gym that offers exercises for children. Many gyms offer workouts tailored specifically for children, something which will help the kids socialize in addition to getting fit. It might also be beneficial with regard to allowing parents a little 'me time'.
It might be a good idea to help a child try out for a sport. However, children should generally stick to one sport at a time, as it is important that children have as much free time as possible. Try to be non-judgmental when it comes to enrolling your child in a sport. Allow the child to choose which sport in which he or she wants to be involved. Don't push a child to one particular sport, even if you feel the child is particularly suited to that sport because of his or her personality or attitude.

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