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Physical activities are good for children in many ways. Besides just the physical side of exercise, it is also known to contribute to prevention of health problems, overweight or even obesity. Childhood obesity has become a major issue in recent years, especially among children living in the United States. Children eat improper food and entertain in front of the TV or computer screen. Many of them sit on the couch for days and months, without even bothering to ride a bike, walk or play some ball like kids used to do. Only rare children practice some sports these days.

Parents are considered to be the responsible figures for all of these problems. They are role models for their kids and if parents don’t eat healthy or engage in healthy lifestyle, child can’t see any good in these habits and activities.

Exercise for Physical Wellbeing

Health and psychological benefits are probably the most important of all advantages brought by some sort of physical activity, especially among children. All tissues, such as the bones, joints, muscles and immune system are growing with the child. If there is anything which negatively affects this growth – it affects their whole body.

Therefore, all physical activities which can strengthen the building of the body is crucial during childhood age. Muscles become stronger with handstands, throwing some balls or using baseball bat to kick the ball. Running at soccer practice or just running for 50 to 100 meters is great way to get stronger leg muscles. Stronger muscles are also beneficial to decrease the risk of injuries kids might be prone to.

Healthy bones and joints are also found to be associated with increased level of physical activities in children. Regular exercise will help children to achieve and maintain healthy weight and balanced growth, while regular stretching will improve their flexibility. Insomnia is rarely a problem for kids who exercise enough, so make sure your child is involved in different physical activities during the day.

Healthy Body and Mind

Healthy body also carries a healthier mind. This means that physical activities can provide better concentration and memory, because the brain of physically active kids seems to be functioning better than in couch potato children. Kids who exercise on a regular basis don’t have mood issues, especially not problems with stress or anxiety. Many of them are more confident and have better social skills than kids who don’t do anything physical, helping them to be better equipped for any future life challenges.

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