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Natural Progesterone Benefits

Natural progesterone commonly get derived from diosgenin, which is an organic chemical compound normally found in various plant sources. Its molecular structure is exactly the same as the structure of the progesterone which gets produced by the human body. It can be purchased without a prescription. In normal conditions, progesterone balances the dominant hormone called estrogen during the woman’s monthly cycle. Natural progesterone is very efficient in providing the human body with numerous different sorts of health benefits. It is very efficient in increasing the libido at the time of ovulation, enhancing the development of the fetus, preventing the rejection of the developing baby, stopping the ovulation by the other ovary, making the cervical mucus more accessible to sperm, maintaining the lining of the uterus for the nurturing of a fertilized ovum and preventing the occurrence of candida infections.
It is also highly beneficial for certain other things. It actually may come in very handy when it comes to reducing the risk of various autoimmune disorders, providing the body with very potent anti inflammatory properties, increasing the formation of new bones, providing the body with potent thermogenic properties, burning the fat for the production of energy, enhancing the functioning of the thyroid hormone, normalizing the levels of sugar in the blood, relieving anxiety, reducing the depression, providing the body with strong diuretic properties, preventing hypertension, normalizing the process of blood clotting, preventing the occurrence of different sorts of cancer and protecting against fibrocystic breasts.
Progesterone Cream Benefits
A person may sometimes suffer from progesterone deficiency which can be easily characterized by numerous different symptoms but the most common ones include low libido, depression, belly-centric weight gain and fatigue. Progesterone cream can be purchased over the counter in most well equipped pharmacies in order to alleviate most of the aforementioned symptoms. One should always use progesterone cream according to the instructions in order to enjoy the best results. The cream is very efficient in relieving insomnia, reducing the fatigue, providing the user with increased amounts of energy, relieving depression, reducing the anxiety and helping with all different sorts of mood related problems.
Progesterone cream may also come in very handy when it comes to relieving various different types of painful sensations such as joint aches, muscle aches, back pain and headaches. Progesterone cream is also very efficient in regulating the periods, improving the libido, reducing the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome and improving the overall sexual health of the user.

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