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Information on Menthol

Menthol is one of the most potent herbal remedies which canbe used for the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions andailments such as painful sensation, migraines, digestive problems, burns anddifferent types of skin infections. Menthol is derived from the oil preparedusing peppermint or certain other varieties of mint family. There are more than650 different varieties of the mint plants and they all grow in the regionswith a temperate climate. Menthol has been used for numerous medicinal purposesfor many centuries, ever since the times of ancient Egypt and Greece. Nowadaysit is also integrated into various products such as chewing gums, cigarettes,sweets, culinary creations and mouthwashes.

Medicinal Uses of Menthol

Menthol can be used as an herbal tea when it comes tocleansing the liver and preventing the formation of kidney stones. It is alsovery efficient in strengthening of the muscles of the heart and cleansingvarious different types of skin blemishes and acne. Menthol may also come invery handy when it comes to enhancing the libido and eliminating differentsorts of facial tics and spasms. Female patients may find menthol to be of greathelp when it comes to relieving menstrual cramps, reducing the stress anddepression and suppressing the nervousness. Menthol is a very potent vasodilator and neuro-stimulant so that is why it is commonly contained in mostcreams and gels intended for those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. It isalso often contained in various different types of lip balms and also coughmedicines because it is efficient in relieving sore throats. Menthol may beadded to chloroform spray in order to be used for various painful sensationsand it may be applied to the scalp in order to reduce the occurrence ofdandruff. Menthol has very potent antiviral, analgesic anti inflammatory anddecongestant properties so it can be used for the prevention and treatment ofcertain medical conditions such as herpes, viruses, sprains, muscle cramps,migraines, headaches, various inflammatory conditions of the muscles andjoints, chest congestion and nasal congestion. Menthol can still be used forthe treatment of another wide array of medical conditions such as toothaches,vomiting, sunburns, flatulence, skin rashes, digestive disorders, poison ivy,bronchitis, diaper rash, fever, itching, motion sickness, athlete’s foot andbad breath. Most skin related applications of menthol are mostly suggestedbecause of its potent antibacterial properties.

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