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There are a large number of herbal remedies which are used everywhere around the world for numerous different purposes. Some of them are very efficient in improving the overall health of the entire human body. Aromatherapy essential oils may come in very handy when it comes to relieving the stress, reducing the depression, enhancing the mood and providing superior relaxation. Herbal treatments can be used for the treatment of various types of medical conditions such as infections, skin related diseases, high blood sugar, diabetes, Bacterial problems, breathing difficulties, fevers, cough, aches, painful sensation, weight gain, weight loss, water retention, menstrual problems and hormonal imbalances.Laxatives, blood purifiers, and diuretics are commonly used for the detoxification of the body and the elimination of harmful substances. Some herbs are only meant to maintain and manage the overall health of the body, and also to stimulate the self healing powers. Herbal remedies do not cause any side effects, which is usually not the case with traditional medicaments and drugs.

Herbal Remedies

There are various Chinese tonic herbs such as he shou wu, ganoderma, ligustrum, schizandra, ginseng and astragalus, and those herbs are referred to as adaptogens. They provide the energy, boost the immune system and relieve fatigue. Sandalwood is an Indian plant which is very good for the enhanced overall health of the skin. Basil is another excellent remedy for various skin related conditions and different sorts of inflammatory conditions. Turmeric may come in very handy in the treatment of boils and various infections. Neem can be of great help for all those who suffer from dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, warts and scabies.

Yellow dock is very good for the stimulation of gut muscles and it may be helpful for all those who suffer from constipation. Summer savory is known for its very potent carminative and aromatic properties, so it can be used for various culinary purposes. Passion flower is very efficient in the treatment of dysmeorrhea, insomnia, neuralgia, dysentery, diarrhea, irritability, nervous restlessness and anxiety. Jasmine is another potent herbal remedy which comes in very handy for all those who suffer from mouth ulcers, breast cancer, lymphatic nodes, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, sunstroke or high fever. Dandelion is an excellent source of different types of mineral and vitamins. Clove can be used for the treatment of numerous digestion related medical conditions. Boneset is good for the treatment of flu. Some other potent herbal remedies include angelica and aconite.

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