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The Teeth Whiteness Issue

There are many people who seem to behaving problems with their dental health. Often, even after havingall your teeth well taken care of, they seem to be lacking thewhiteness proper for a brilliant and attractive smile, making youhide them and keep your mouth closed most of the time, even whilelaughing. This, of course, is not good since you need to express youremotions without constraints. Hiding your personality can result inself-confidence issues and many other problems which can interferewith your life.

Luckily, this can be mended through thedental process of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can make yourteeth shine like pearls, being attractive and beautiful. There areseveral different ways you can achieve this. So, read on in order tofind out how.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening can be external orinternal. External whitening techniques are carried out by applyingspecial whitening creams on the surface, being the outer side of yourteeth. However, these methods cannot conceal metal fillings on yourteeth, nor can they remove stains from the blood vessels inside yourteeth.

However, better effects can be achievedthrough laser teeth whitening, where whitening gel is applied ontothe surface of your teeth as well. After this is done, your teeth arecovered with a special rubber seal. Then, laser light is used tospread the gel all over your teeth equally. This process lasts forabout one hour, even though there are cases where it might last forlonger.

Alternatively, this whole process,without the laser treatment, can be done at home. There are teethwhitening kits which may be ordered or purchased in shops, containingboth the rubber seal and the gel necessary for the treatment.

Internal teeth whitening, on the otherhand, would involve your dentist placing the whitening productsinside your teeth, drilling a hole in the tooth and inserting the gelinside. The hole is made in the back of the tooth and is sealed afterthe procedure, leaving the gel inside.

This process is considered not to bepainful. After the procedure is done, you are to have the gel insideyour teeth for about a week. Then, you revisit your dentist and havethe gel removed and the holes permanently sealed. Of course, if youhappen not to be satisfied with the new shade of your tooth, theprocedure can always be repeated.

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