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People with sensitive teeth often are confused about the teeth whitening. They don’t know if they could use these products or go to the dentist for the same procedure. The answer is yes, these people can whiten their teeth, but they will have to be careful, just like anyone else using these products and techniques. Consult your dentist and your doctor, because they will be able to suggest the products suitable to your needs.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are sheer teeth strips, covered with peroxide gel which bleaches the teeth. The procedure is really simple: apply the strips to your teeth and leave it for half of an hour. Repeat the procedure twice a day per 2 weeks and your teeth should be visibly whiter. The effect of these whitening stripes usually last for several months. Many people find whitening stripes helpful and use it regularly. Teeth might become sensitive to outside temperature, and also the temperature of food and drinks. Usually this effect is unpleasant but it doesn’t last much longer than couple of days. However, when it comes to people with sensitive teeth, they might experience some heightened sensitivity or even pain when using this product. Doctors and dentists don’t recommend using these strips if you have sensitive teeth.

Some people with sensitive teeth still want to use whitening stripes, although there is a possibility that this may worsen the current teeth problem. Specialists advise to shorten the time for teeth whitener on your teeth to half or the time labeled on the box of the whitening product. Also, it is advisable to use toothpastes, strips and gels designed especially for sensitive teeth.

Don’t use whitening strips if you are allergic to peroxide, since this is the bleaching agent in the strips.

Chairside Bleaching

This procedure requires appointment at the dentist and will take about an hour of your time. The dentist will use much less concentrated bleacher, which won’t cause or worsen sensitive teeth. Although, the bleacher is also made of peroxide, dentist will protect your teeth with the protective shield or gel and after that apply the bleacher. There is a way to speed up the process, by using a special light on the teeth.

In-Office Bleaching

This is the similar bleaching procedure to chairside bleaching, but instead of the protective gel, the dentist will use a mouthpiece tray, specially made for every patient. The mouthpiece tray will be made from the impressions of your teeth and it will protect your teeth better than any other gel or shield. This procedure is a longer one, and it will take about 2 weeks to whiten your teeth.

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