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Black spots on teeth are a problem that affect many people, leaving them frustrated because their smile is no longer impeccable. Depending on the cause, this problem can be treated easily or with some difficulty and time. Precisely, if what is causing black spots on teeth is an external factor, they will be relatively easy and quick to fix. But if the problem is internal, it may require more time.

Causes of black spots on teeth

One of the main causes of black spots on teeth is the use of tobacco. Smoking or chewing tobacco leads to teeth discoloration and to formation of small black deposits on the surface of the teeth. Chewing tobacco, apart from discoloration and black spots, can also lead to leukoplakia, which is a pre-cancerous lesion and needs to be addressed as soon as noticed.

Caffeine beverages like coffee and tea, especially black tea, are known for causing teeth discoloration and black spots. The problem is even worse in people addicted to coffee and in those who have had aesthetic restorations of their teeth.

Dental caries often presents itself in form of black spots. Caries is caused by bacteria and tooth decay leads to black spots.

Certain types of dental restoration, especially those using silver amalgam, are known to leak over time and cause not only black spots on teeth but also on gingival margins, which is known as “oral tattoo”. Black spots may be caused by braces too.

Methamphetamine addiction is known for causing teeth discoloration and black spots. In early stages the teeth start to change color and become darker, they gradually decay and eventually they may become so damaged that they need to be removed completely.

Fluorisis is a cosmetic condition caused by excessive use of fluoride, usually from supplements, toothpastes, and fluoride-fortified water.

Treatment for black spots on teeth

The treatment for black spots that appear on the surface of teeth depends entirely on their underlying cause. If the cause is external, like excessive consumption of coffee or tea, smoking or tobacco chewing, the spots can be removed by a dentist or an oral hygienist. The options include ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth or teeth bleaching.

There are also home remedies that can be used for whitening the teeth, however, they rarely work on stubborn and bigger spots, and some of them can damage the tooth enamel, so most dentist do not recommend them.

However, there is a safe and effective home remedy for tooth whitening which can help get rid of black stains on teeth. it requires 100 grams of charcoal powder, 10 grams of camphor powder, and 10 grams of alum powder. Alum should first be roasted so the water from inside the crystals comes out. These ingredients are mixed together and combined with 10 grams of sea salt and 10 milliliters of eucalyptus oil. This powder mixture should be rubbed on the teeth using a finger and then rinsed.

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