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Tooth whitening success

Lots of people are already aware that coffee, tea, red wine and some foods have a huge effect on the discoloring of their teeth. Apart from these obvious ones, there are other reasons why a person's teeth may lose their natural color.Medicines and diseases are also huge factors that can cause the teeth to lose the color. For instance, an antibiotic named tetracycline is given to children who are still without permanent teeth. Because of this medication their adult teeth will have a slight greenish or yellow tinge. However, a person need not worry that much since there are many ways he or she can better the color of his or her teeth. The first step towards better looking teeth is a visit to the dentist or a hygienist. They will both give advice on how a person can prevent tooth decay. Other good advices include regular brushing of the teeth, quitting smoking and avoiding coffee, tea and other colored drinks whenever that is possible. If a person follows these simple advices, he or she will make a huge difference and prevent recurring staining of the teeth.

Whitening products

Everybody knows about the whitening toothpaste. However, what people are not aware of is that this paste will only remove staining on the surface.

Apart from the toothpaste, there are many other products a person has seen on commercials or in stores. These can easily be bought and used. However, there are those that a person cannot use on his or her own and only a dentist can help in such situations.

Not all people have the same teeth and teeth color. Whitening is usually recommended for people with healthy teeth. People who are without healthy gums and teeth are not advised to follow some teeth whitening treatment. Natural teeth color can be different just like hair or skin color is. Before starting some whitening treatment, a person should first talk to the dentist and he or she will determine the type of treatment a person should use.

Two major types of tooth whitening techniques

There are two ways a dentist can whiten someone's teeth. These ways are external and internal. External tooth whitening can also be performed in two ways. The first one is home tooth whitening while the other is Laser tooth whitening. In the treatment of internal tooth whitening, the tooth whitening gel is placed inside the tooth.

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