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LaserWhitening systems

There hasbeen a significant increase in the market demand for teeth whitening in thelast couple of years, with Britesmile and Zoom systems for whitening teethgaining popularity at a steady rate, and often being mentioned as a benchmark for thesuccess of laser whitening. This phenomenon is a misinformation as no such laserexists, leading to these to be categorized as light activated tooth whitening systems.

Teethwhitening system and their benefits and faults

Thoughporcelain veneers are the most certain method of possessing a white smile,whitening systems can provide a similar effect of teeth whitening by a hygienist,something highly sought after considering teeth whitening is the primary reason of cosmetic dentistry being performed.

Prices ofsuch treatments vary from dentist to dentist, as they decide the price. Thiscan be affected by whether or not whitening touch up kits are included for homeuse, as well as by the number of how many carbamide peroxide gels are containedwithin such kits. If a paid visit is needed for teeth assessment it can alsoinfluence the price. Teeth whiteningresults are perceived almost right after treatment, and can be performed aftera couple of appointments, sometimes even fewer. An alternative is to whiten the teeth at home. The issues of whitening teeth at home involve the fact thepatient must be aware and able to utilize the system's instructions and techniqueof operation. Sufficient time and dedication is required forapplying the treatment. Results often only appear after weeks or months. Thesekinds of systems are, on the other hand, commonly cheaper than professionaltreatments for bleaching the teeth. The procedure is performed by a hygienist, but certificationof staff experience and safety is provided by all companies. Light activated toothwhitening is usually enough to provide satisfactory results.

Britesmileand Zoom Whitening Systems

Britesmileutilized a large budget for marketing purposes upon first entering the market,investing in brand development in various media outlets. This was largely supportedby a number of dentists, who suggested this product frequently. Because of its tieswith the show Extreme Makeover, Zoom’s popularity quickly rose. This amount ofairtime spawned a popularity increase as many people enquired about it, leadingto many dentists offering Zoom as well. Zoom has recently provided the publicwith the NEW Zoom Advanced Whitening, a more advanced and modern system forwhitening the teeth. Both of these systems function perfectly for the purpose ofteeth whitening. The initial Zoom has been rumored to cause more sensitivity,with differences between each patient. This sensitivity is indeed commonly causedby laser teeth whitening.

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