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Teethwhitening and teeth whitening products

It hasbecome general knowledge that teeth can be whitened at home. Removing theyellow coloration from the teeth can be achieved by removing soda pops from thediet, as their sugar content can cause damage to the teeth and their anti-cavityprotection, causing tooth stains. Coffee is also a major cause of teethdiscoloration, as are cigarettes, and both of these can stain the teeth even more.

Teethwhiteners can be acquired in normal stores, and can already be effective atwhitening. A majority of whitening kits utilized hydrogen peroxide, similarly tomore professional kits dedicated to the same purpose. It is only the amount ofthese bleaching chemicals that differ in these two cases.

The priceis the main differentiating factor, with the relatively low price of theover-the-counter products being an obvious advantage. These cost anywhere from $7and $50, a significantly smaller amount than several hundred dollars that moreadvanced, dentist supported procedures cost. The fact these can be utilized atany place, and can be garnered anywhere, also gives over-the-counter kits aslight edge.

Disadvantagesof home teeth whitening systems

However, itis important to note that home whitening systems do not involve a dental expertsuch as a dentist, or the opinion of such individuals. This leads to certainwhitening cases not functioning, such as really dark, brown or grey teeth, whichare much harder to bleach than normal, yellow teeth. Not whitening the teethcan sometimes be advised by a medical professional due to various healthreasons.

Alternativemethods of teeth whitening

It has been suggested that certain foods can aid in basic teeth stain removal. Celery,broccoli or carrot consumption can indeed remedy yellowing teeth to a certain degree.While some types of berries can lead to teeth staining, rubbing strawberries inthe teeth after brushing them can eventually lead to whitening.

Certain toothpastes contain sodium bicarbonate, which helps in whitening theteeth. Sodium bicarbonate is simple baking soda, so mixing it with water and applyingit to the teeth should provide visible results within one or two weeks. It is easyto utilize and is low priced. Peroxideis also another helpful tool for bleaching the teeth. If the aim is to whiten theteeth, it is suggested to brush the teeth regularly and then later on apply peroxide to the teethwithout swallowing it during the procedure.

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