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Information on Teeth Whitening

There are so many people who want their teeth whitened sothat their smile can shine even more brightly. Nowadays there are also numerousbogus companies that offer teeth whitening tips via online stores and theymarket their products by using amazing but fake reviews which glorify theirproducts and claim to be the best out there.

Most of those products areunfortunately toothpastes with a slightly different color to it. A person needsto be careful, because there are many crooks who are trying to cash in onnumerous different types of new technologies and they include teeth whiteningmethods as well. There also certain manufacturers who are not dishonest andthey sell good and valuable products and they also provide their customers withreal reviews and excellent after sales services.

They also provide theircustomers with numerous teeth whitening tips which can be applied at home usingsimple ingredients and methods.

All You Need to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

One just needs to look for active ingredients when it comesto numerous advertisements. The only active ingredient which can make a productworthy of its price is called carbamide peroxide.

One of the best home teethwhitening system is Dental-XL and it contains 22 percent of carbamide peroxide.It also contains fluoride. The system contains 3 syringes filled with 10milliliters of gel each. Dental-XL can provide up to 10 shades lighter teeththan they were before the treatment. The gel needs to be used for two hours ona daily basis for two weeks in order to obtain the aforementioned end results.

Professional Teeth Whitening at Your Dentist

Another option of getting one’s teeth whitened is to visit aprofessional dentist. That solution is commonly much more expensive than thehome teeth whitening solution but it is usually worth every cent of the price.

There is a certain Australian company which makes Pola Office. Pola Office is achemically activated teeth whitening system. It contains an active ingredientcalled hydrogen peroxide and its strength is 37.5 percent. Because of thisstrength of its active ingredient, this teeth whitening system is marketed asthe world’s fastest teeth whitening system. It requires only 25 minutes for thefirst visible results to start kicking in.

Can Teeth Whitening Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Teeth whitening can sometimes be affiliated with temporarytooth sensitivity, but the symptoms of the condition usually disappear after acouple of hours after the actual treatment. When opting for any teeth whiteningsystem, one should always go for the most natural visual appearance of theteeth.

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