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Health Is the Best Policy

We live in a world which is far lesshealthy than it used to be. What is more, we have created it thisway. Since we already need to reap what we sew, we might as well getsmarter and make significant changes in our lives in order topreserve our health and enable us to live long and happy lives. Youneed to know that health is not reflected solely through the absenceof physical diseases. Rather, health is connected with all theaspects of our life: social, physical and mental. All these factorsof life need to be balanced and well taken care of, in order for youto flourish. Therefore, preventing diseases and other problems is farbetter than treating them once the damage has already been made.Bearing that in mind, the following lines will try to give advice,helping one to go through the path of his/her life, as healthy aspossible.

Tips for Staying Healthy

To begin, it is absolutelycrucial for you to be happy. Being troubled by stress your whole lifeis bound to make this life significantly shorter, due to thestimulation of cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone triggersmany problems in our organism, thus influencing the development ofmany diseases. Therefore, suppressing cortisol production is ourgreatest goal. Thus, do things you like, stay near people you enjoyspending time with, have regular sexual intercourse, have fun andlaugh often. Your life might be longer and healthier than you couldhave ever expected.

Secondly, there is no life withoutsleep. Having that said, in order to ensure your proper physical andmental development, while keeping stress, cardiovascular andrespiratory problems at bay, make sure you catch at least 8 hours ofgood quality sleep daily.

Logically, next is physicalactivity. You need to exercise in order to stay healthy. Your bodyneeds to burn the extra calories you ensure through your intake.Also, your metabolism needs a good boost now and then, promotinghealth. So, dedicating 30 minutes, three times a week for yourphysical activities will not affect your busy schedule, but willaffect your health in a more positive way than you can imagine.

Of course, quitting bad habits such asalcohol and smoking are crucial factors, if you want to live a longand healthy life, that is. This will keep you safe from manydiseases, most of which are carcinogenic.

Finally, eat healthy. You need toensure an intake which includes vitamins, minerals, essential omega3acids and healthy fats. Thus, eat vegetables and fruit regularly,with low-fat meat like fish or poultry and drink sufficient amountsof water preventing dehydration.

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