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Not All We Know Is True

We are taught to believe that thisworld is a world of difference, diversity and competition. Therefore,among other things, we are constantly taught to stand for ourselvessince, if we do not, this wild world will run us over. This makeslife an endless competition, with people being prepared to doanything only to stay at the front of the berserk crowd, taking thelead.

This of course, is not true foreveryone. Namely, there are people who have chosen a better life,avoiding all the rows, the fighting, the competing and the roars.Rather, they have chosen to become optimistic and to have aeverlasting positive view on life. After all, life is what you makeit to be.

Now, it is a well known fact thatpeople who are excessively exposed to stress daily, tend to live lessand die of different diseases which end their lives sooner thannecessary. This usually happens even if these people have eaten theright kind of food, have done exercises regularly and did all thethings one needs to do in order to live long.

However, it is not all about eating andmoving, there is one more crucial factor. Yes, it is optimism and thelack of stress.

There are optimists who take this traitof theirs upon a completely new level. They enjoy life, live, love,flirt and have fun, still doing all that society expects them to do.There have been examples of optimists who lived more than averagelength of life, even though they indulged into meat eating, smoking,alcohol consumption and many other “vices” daily. Mental healthplays a great importance in your overall health and this is not to beneglected.

The Conclusion

All in all, stress is a great killer ofmankind, especially in these modern times. When exposed to stressexcessively, you produce a destructive hormone cortisol, which causescancer and destroys you from the inside, if you remain persistent withyour stressful way of living.

Thus, stop for a moment and thinkwhether your life is worth all the aggravation and frustration,usually for this game we call life. Do not stress over things youcannot change, but learn to love, give and take in return, becreative and express yourself through positive attitude, art anddifferent skills you have. Live this life to the fullest and it isbound to be a long, happy life.

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