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Why is Iron Important for Our Organism?
Iron, being one of the most valuable and important elements in our body, helps it greatly enabling its correct functioning regarding the many different aspects. It helps our cells breathe, while, at the same time, providing them with energy they need in order to function properly. Additionally, iron is crucial for the well being of our cardiovascular system and blood in general, since it plays a crucial role in oxygen transfer through our blood vessels, as well as in its transformation to carbon dioxide. When we already talk about oxygen, it is connected to iron in more ways than one since iron delivers it to our muscles. Truly, we would not be able to live without this precious element and some medical conditions caused by iron deficiency only serve to emphasize this fact.
Negative Effects of Iron Deficiency upon One’s Health
Present in both sexes, especially in women, iron deficiency can cause many problems regarding one’s health. Since, besides all the benefits of iron mentioned above, it also takes part in production of many important substances while at the same time helps strengthening and regulating one’s metabolism. Therefore, every lack of iron opens the possibility of numerous infections, diseases and other medical conditions more serious than the anemia itself. Also, numerous brain functions are altered once there is not enough of this element in our system.
Anemia, mentioned above, is not to be taken lightly, nevertheless. It is a state caused by iron deficiency, making one’s bone marrow unable to produce enough red blood cells. In time, this condition, connected with the lack of oxygen delivered to our organs, causes their failure and life-threatening complications. Thus, iron intake is crucial for both men and women, emphasizing the latter since because of menstrual periods women do need more blood production than men. Thus, correctly functioning bone marrow is a necessity, and iron is the key.
Other Symptoms of Iron Deficiency
Lack of iron causes lack of many other things in our life. We lack strength, being constantly burdened with lethargy and persistent fatigue. Paleness, accompanied by unusual cravings for things that are not to be eaten also adds on to the list of indicators of this condition. Constipation, fingernail decay and deterioration along with hair loss, hallucinations and ear-ringing sensation followed by numerous other symptoms all show how our body simply cannot live without iron.
To conclude, inform yourself and provide yourself and your family a natural, iron-rich diet, preventing many possible conditions and complications while ensuring a healthy and a happy life.

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