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How to a Long and Happy Life?

Contrary to popular belief, what you eat contributes greatly to how you live and how healthy you are. Therefore, gulping up everything you can reach will prove to be deadly soon enough. We usually run away from self-judgment regarding our nutrition, defending ourselves with claims how we do not have enough time or means in order to eat healthy. However, once we get deeper into the problem, no one but yourself is to blame if you do not want to live healthy.

For example, we all know which types of food are good to be eaten since they are natural, full of nutrients our organism needs, and rich in all substances which make us healthy and resistant to health problems.

Yet, we seem to chose processed food which we know is bad for us to the extent of causing cancer and numerous other health complications. Moreover, we do this because of a false belief that we have no time for eating well. Stop and think. If your life gets shorter and harder through malnutrition, what kind of a lifestyle makes you live longer and “have more time” ? Naturally, junk food eating lifestyle is not.

Thus, you need to make certain changes which will make you live longer and stay in a good physical and mental shape. Believe it or not, food plays a crucial part in this process and you should not neglect it for a single second of your life, unless you want to commit suicide this way or cause prematuredeath.

Once you decide to eat healthy, stick to your resolve. Change your life completely and never return to the previous, unhealthy and deadly ways of living and eating.

What to Eat?

The most important aspect of your nutrition is protein supply. Proteins regenerate your organism, rebuild your muscles, vital organs, nerves and tissue, keeping your healthy and strong. Therefore, you need to ensure these through your diet.

The main protein sources are lean meat, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruit. That being said, you need to base your nutrition upon these elements, not neglecting them for one bit.

Lack of these nutrients will directly affect your blood, metabolism and immune system, making you more prone to various diseases. All the health problems caused by malnutrition, take place later in life. Therefore, you need to think ahead and eat well in order to be safe for many happy years to come.

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