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Learning to independently use the potty and not relying on diapers anymore is a pretty big milestone in the life of each toddler! Many parents are very anxious about this process which can take months and wonder what they can do to encourage their child to ditch their diapers and start controlling their elimination needs. We've been through it (twice!) and have some tips for you.

Using cloth diapers may one very early step a parent can take to encourage early potty training, if they want that. Although cloth diapers and the fact that the baby actually feels wet when she has pooped or peed have their downsides, like changing diapers much more frequently, they also have big benefits. Early potty learning was one, for us. Allow a toddler who has shown an interest in potty training to run around semi-nakedly a lot of the time. It is perhaps best to do this in the summer. If you want to keep your baby's legs warm while still allowing easy access to the potty, Baby Legs are a great solution. Go shopping with your kid and let him or her choose a potty! We tried reward systems recommended in many parenting books, but found them counter productive. Praising the child each time they use the potty successfully works very well. Avoid getting angry when your child has an "accident". Potty training is hard, and it is hardly surprising that it won't always be possible to go in the potty after such a long time of wearing diapers. Always take extra clothes with you when you are out and about, in case said accidents take place especially during the colder months! Emphasize the freedom of not wearing diapers, and also allow your child to pick some nice undies that they love.

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