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Are you expecting a little one and also looking after elderly parents or other relatives? Women who find themselves in this situation are sure to have some concerns about battling fatigue, coping with heavy lifting, and perhaps aversions to certain smells while suffering from morning sickness. If you are looking after elderly or sick parents while pregnant, how can you make it easier?

First-trimester pregnancy fatigue is really common. If you are almost too tired to get through the day, how do you cope with the care of an elderly parent? Sometimes, fresh air really helps fight extreme fatigue and low energy. Your mom or dad might love to go for a walk as well, even if it means you push them in a wheelchair. Avoid lifting your parent up all by yourself for any reason, because it is a bad idea for your health whether you are pregnant or not. But, if you need to get them from a wheelchair to their bed, or a couch, or the restroom, there are special products on the market to help you with this without ever lifting them. Pregnancy is a pretty special time! Use the opportunity to remember your own childhood and ask your parent any question about when you were a baby, or ask your mom about her labors and pregnancies, and so on. If you are having trouble with morning sickness and need to vomit every time you wash a dirty bed sheet or help your parent change, try putting a scarf with a smell that is nice for you over your mouth. Lemon, ginger and lavender could help you fight nausea.

And if you have been the primary care giver of your parent for a while, it might just be time to ask other relatives to help out while you are pregnant. You could also consider if it is possible to get in paid help in the form of a nurse, or a cleaning lady.

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