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Have you seen them? Those strange-looking, long maternity pillows that take up most of the length of your bed? If you were wondering what on earth you would need one of those for while you were still trying to conceive and sneakily looking at pregnancy and baby items, you will definitely understand why such pillows exist if you have a huge baby bump and it is impossible for you to get comfortable at night. Just in case you have no idea what these pillows look like, I'll add a picture so you will know what I am talking about.

How can a maternity pillow help you sleep better, or sleep at all? The idea behind maternity pillows is pretty straight forward. The pregnant body is difficult to position so that nothing gets in your way, and you can lie down comfortably without hurting (think back pain, hip pain, that kind of thing), or just being uncomfortable, or without causing heartburn. Sometimes the sleeping position that works best for you while you are pregnant is one that is nearly impossible to achieve. Of course, that is where maternity pillows come in. It can be truly amazing to notice the difference in the quality and quantity of your sleep after trying a maternity pillow.

Your pregnancy insomnia could be cured! At first sight, it might seem like a rather expensive and frivolous thing to buy. But if you keep in mind that you can actually use your maternity pillow for a long time to come, after the birth of your baby, you might just be able to justify getting one. After the birth of your baby, the maternity pillow can first serve as a nursing pillow, then as a barrier to stop your baby from falling off your bed if your baby naps there, and then as a toy for your toddler. They are really quite versatile, if you think about it!

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