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Double Joy

Many soon-to-be mothers, once certainof their pregnancy, tend to think about a possibility of themcarrying twins. Furthermore, if a woman comes from a family oftenhaving twins, she can be even more prone to these expectations.However, there are ways which can help you see if your inner feelingsare telling you the truth. The following signs have been proven to bethe best for seeing whether you will be expecting two bundles of joyinstead of a single one.

Signs of Being Pregnant With Twins

The first sign is being sick a lot morethan women having a single baby are. Namely, during the first threemonths of your pregnancy, if you are having serious cases of nauseaand vomiting, you might experience this due to the fact that you arepregnant with twins.

The second sure sign of twins on theway is a severe case of fatigue. Future mothers of twins areconstantly tired during their pregnancies. This is due to the factthat there are two little organisms in need of nutrients instead ofjust one. Mothers, usually not aware of this fact, eat and sleep lessthan necessary for their two babies, therefore being constantly atthe brink of exhaustion. Additionally, constant hunger goeshand-in-hand with this tiredness for the very same reasons.

Logically, the belly comes next. Womenpregnant with twins tend to get a visible belly after a period ofjust two months. This is a clear indicator of two babies inside. Also,as the pregnancy progresses, these future mothers will look biggerand will have more prominent bellies than those with single babies onthe way.

Next, taking into consideration that awoman with a child is prone to mood swings and other abnormal thingsregarding behavior, due to hormonal imbalance, woman with doubleexpectations in her belly is bound to have all the hormonal issuesdoubled as well. Therefore, future fathers and members of the family,make sure you are prepared for it.

One of the most beautiful experiencesevery mother of twins is possible to have witnessed, is the doubleheart beat heard during sound wave scans. Although these are notalways possible to be heard, bearing in mind that the secondheartbeat is either thought to be extra noise or the sound of themother's heart, this is a certain sign of having twins.

All in all, even though the abovementioned methods may be helpful, an ultrasound is the best outthere. Therefore, after seeing your children with your own eyes, youmay be completely sure that you are a future mother of two, or three,or four, or more children.

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