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Many couples wonder what they can to get pregnant with twins, is it something physical, biological or does it require special efforts? Having twins can be a double blessing for a couple looking to complete their family with two children, there are things that can be done to increase the chances of it happening. There are also certain biological and genetic issues which will also have a direct bearing on the couple's chances of conceiving twins. If a man or woman has a history of twins in their family, it can increase the chances of their ability to conceive twins.

Sometimes conceiving twins can be hereditary, but only fraternal twins are influenced by this factor. If a woman's mother or grandmother was a fraternal twin, there is a chance the hyper-ovulation gene could be passed along and twins could be conceived. There are also studies which show that an overweight woman is more likely to conceive a pregnancy of multiples. Mothers with a body mass index of 30 or more are at an increased risk of becoming pregnant with twins. It is not about how to get pregnant with twins, so much as it is a variety of different factors which might increase the odds for a couple. Another interesting fact is that research shows an above average height woman also has an increased rate of conceiving twins.

Older mothers also have an increased chance of becoming pregnant with twins, more so than a younger woman would be. The body is thought to accelerate ovulation as the female becomes older and 17% of woman over 45-years of age are more likely to have multiples. Another interesting fact is that once a woman has a twin pregnancy, the rates are also higher that it will happen again. There is no sure fire way of how to get pregnant with twins, but a certain tribe in West Africa has one of the highest rates of natural twinning of anywhere else in the world. Researchers are of the thought that a diet high in yams and dairy could contain chemicals that stimulate multiple eggs being released in the woman's body.

Additionally, research also indicates that a woman that consumes a diet of regular dairy is also five times more likely to conceive twins. Seeking fertility assistance can also help some couples conceive twins because of certain fertility medications or medical procedures. With all of the information prevailing that shows the rates of twin conception, the odds are in favor for certain women. Many couples do not even meet the criteria of having an increased chance of having twins and just get lucky!

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