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One zygote can split in two, or twozygotes can be formed at the same time, and both of these situations will leadto the pregnancy of twin babies. This is considered to be an abnormality, whichhappens in one case out of eighty.


Twin pregnancy happens once theovary creates two eggs simultaneously, and this is a situation in which women older than30 years of age find themselves the most. Steroid hormonal changes are apossibility in delayed pregnancies of this kind. Fertility treatments aresomething that older women with low fertility issues go through, and these treatmentscan lead to the twin pregnancy due to the creation of two ova. Twins can beidentical or fraternal. The non-identical twins come from the fraternal twins who come from the fertilization of two eggs and two sperms and thus, they have to bedifferent, of course. Separated umbilical cord and placenta among twins will bepresent during the pregnancy. The same placenta is present among the identicaltwins, which form by splitting of the fertilized egg in two. Each of thetwins will have an umbilical cord and they will look alike as well. Conjoinedtwins are an issue that can result from this kind of twins.


When compared to the commonpregnancy, weight of the body will be increased additionally if you are havingtwins. Steroid hormones are secreted in larger amounts because two babies arepresent, and this is why women in this situation gain more weight. Pain anduneasiness will make sleeping difficult. The swelling in the toes is anothersymptoms that may occur, and mostly due to the size of two babies. Thisproblem will cause pressing of the pelvic vein by the uterus, which will result in sending more water than blood to the lower limbs. Morning sickness is a problem that every other pregnant woman experiences, and during the initial period of 14months this problem is at its pinnacle. Two babies will demand more nutrientsand this can lead to uncommon hunger and extreme weariness, which occurs due tothe lack of essential nutrients.


There is a chance that babies are born prior to theend of the gestation period, and chances of this are high amongwomen carrying twins. Cesarean section is the method of delivery in these cases. Conjoined twins are one of the problems that may occur due tothe twin pregnancy, but there are other possible complications as well. Excess bleeding can be experienced afterthe birth and may cause the death of a mother, but anemia and high blood pressure are also possible. There are others possiblecomplications, like gestational diabetes, which leads to breathing problemsduring the birth, and the transfusion of blood vessels, which occurs amongidentical twins and causes one baby to get excess of blood (which further causes many issues).

Mothers have to look after themselves and theirbodies, and this is the best way in which each baby can be monitored for growth anddevelopment. This will prevent complications and remember to consume essentialnutrients that your babies require. Remember to take the needed supplements and go onregular checkups.

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