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If the moment when you have a child born is the happiest moment of your life, imagine the moment when your twins see the light of the world. Twins indicate everything double. Surely, they mean double trouble and all the hardships of raising them. Yet, they also double the love you get and are able to give, and provide double of beautiful moments together. Fortunately, if you desire to conceive twins, there are certain tips and tricks you can count on.

I Want Twins!

Rest assured that the chances of you having twins get higher with the number of pregnancies in your life. Thus, have a big family and you may be blessed with double bundles of love.

Also, if you are older than 45 once you try to conceive, the chances of giving birth to twins are up to 17% greater.

Additionally, bear in mind that, once you are a twin yourself or have a history of twins running in your family, your future children may easily be twins as well.

Finally, being of African American origin increases your chances of having twins too. Yet, if you fail to meet these requirements, do not lose hope, there are other steps you can take in order to increase the likelihood of giving birth to twins.

How To Get Blessed With Twins?

“Be prepared” is the first rule. Now, this means being aware of your fertility cycles, having sexual intercourse with your partner on the most fertile days of your cycle. So, use time in your advantage, since, the more fertile you are, the more likely the chances of you having twins are.

Next come the supplements. If you are a mother of twins-to-be, you need to be prepared in advance. Thus, start with consuming folic acid at least a month before your impregnation time. This will increase your fertility, thus increasing the chances of being blessed with twins.

African women give birth to twins much more often than other women, due to their nutrition. There is a type of a wild yam they eat, called the cassava root. This plant, once consumed, increases your chances of having twins significantly.

Some people believe that women who breastfeed while they are pregnant, have greater chances of giving birth to twins. So, take advantage of this assumption and give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Ultimately, your possibility of having twins rises with your body weight. Thus, do not be afraid to put on a few pounds, for the sake of life-long happiness with your twins. However, be careful not to overdo it, since obesity can interfere with your pregnancy and cause problems.

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