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Mothers who are carrying twins may be worrying about preparations for when the babies get there more than about the birth but twin delivery is more complicated than singleton delivery, and thinking about the kind of birth you would like and finding a good healthcare provider will help you have a more pleasant experience. Here are some things to take into account when you are preparing for the birth of twins.

Vaginal birth vs cesarean section

Many obstetricians will recommend an automatic c-section for twin births these days, depending on where you live. But it is often very possible to deliver twins vaginally too. Some food for thought in relation to this the optimal position for the vaginal delivery of twins is vertex/vertex or both twins head down. Some OBs are happy to deliver twins where baby A is vertex, and baby B is breech. If the first twin is breech, the risks go up and you are less likely to find a provider. Many mothers who deliver twins vaginally do so in the OR, to facilitate a speedy c-section if it becomes necessary. If you would prefer to deliver by c-section, or there are other complications that make a cesarean section a safer option, discuss the procedure and who can be in the room with you in advance. You may like to read about a family centered cesarean section as well.


More than half of all twins are born prematurely. Women who are carrying twins are able to go to term often, but it would be good to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of a NICU stay, and visit the NICU unit in your hospital.

Talk to other twin moms

We recommend you find twin groups near you and find out how other twin families got through the immediate postpartum period. This will help you prepare better for what is in store for you. You may even find new friends who are willing to help you out by bringing meals! Still pregnant and think you may have twins? Read about signs you might be expecting twins.

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