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The first step if you think you may be pregnant will be to do a home pregnancy test. Sometimes however it will take three or four days for the test to show a positive. The home pregnancy test will not show you if you are carrying one, two, three or four babies so when you have done the home test and you know that you are in fact pregnant then go for a blood test which will check your HCG levels and confirm the results. There are some early symptoms of having a multiple pregnancy that will provide you with the signs of having more than one fetus in your uterus.

The first indication of multiple pregnancies is rapid weight gain. A women who is carrying more than one fetus will gain weight quickly within the first few weeks and will look pregnant straight away. Also the multiple carrying women will suffer with severe fatigue and or morning sickness. They share these two symptoms with women that are carrying one baby however with multiple pregnancies the level is more severe. If this is your second pregnancy then you can compare your current symptoms to your past symptoms from your last pregnancy. A multiple pregnant women will feel the fetus’s moving in the early stages of the pregnancy, there is no fixed timing for this symptom and the medical world does not confirm this sign either. However even when you are carrying just one baby there is no reason why you wouldn’t feel just one moving. There is a report that shows some women who are having a multiple pregnancy have not felt any such movement until the twenty third week of the pregnancy.

The easy and simplest way of knowing if you are having a multiple pregnancy will be to have a ultrasound test. Usually women have their first ultrasound test at 12 weeks of pregnancy but you can see your doctor as early as six weeks.

Finding out that you are pregnant can be a momentous occasion, finding out it's a twin pregnancy can come as a shock. For the majority of first-time parents the idea of managing with a twin pregnancy or a multiple birth can be intimidating.When it is confirmed that you are having a twin pregnancy you will require more frequent check ups and ultrasound scans. For soon to be mothers of fraternal (non identical) twins the check ups could be every four weeks, for the mothers carrying identical twins then the check ups will be every two weeks.

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