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Twin pregnancies are on the rise. More twins are being born now than ever before. Fertility treatments play a large part in twin statistics, but of course you can get pregnant with twins totally naturally as well! For many women, being pregnant with twins means a change of plans. Their plans for the future change, because they will need a lot more help, organization, and baby items! But their pregnancies are different as well. If you are expecting twins, what do you need to know about your pregnancy?

The first symptoms of twin pregnancies are often morning sickness that is worse than usual, and a baby bump that is growing larger than usual. Some women discover that they are having twins because their doctor or midwife discovers two heartbeats with a doppler or two fetuses are seen on an ultrasound. No matter how you first discover that you are pregnant with twins, everything changes that very moment. What do you need to know about how being pregnant with twins will affect your pregnancy?

1) Taking care of your health is always important in pregnancy, but the need to make sure that you are getting enough of the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins increases if you are carrying more than one baby. Make sure you are taking a complete prenatal vitamin. It is extremely likely that you will need iron as well, and calcium supplements will definitely benefit you.

2) Whether you are seeing an OB or a midwife, being pregnant with twins is bound to result in more frequent prenatal appointments. While twin pregnancies can be just as healthy and uneventful as most singleton pregnancies, there is a larger number of complications that can potentially arise, such as twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Watching out for signs of complications and making sure that everything is OK more frequently means that medical intervention can start immediately, should something go wrong.

3) This might not be necessary to even mention, but women carrying twins put on more weight, more quickly, and will probably be much larger than their sisters who are carrying only one baby by the time they reach their third trimester. Because of the additional weight gain, hip pain, ligament pain and other ailments caused by a heavy uterus are also more likely to pop up.

4) A lower chances of having a natural, or even a vagina birth. Research shows that there is no reason why twins should not gestate for as long as singletons, yet mothers to be who are expecting twins are likely to face pressure to be induced from 36 weeks or even earlier! If you feel strongly about having a natural birth, especially if your baby A is vertex, delivering with midwives is your best bet.

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