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Twin pregnancies are more risky than singleton pregnancies, and require special care to keep healthy. Women who first find out that they are expecting twins may be excited and also scared. Of course, you have plenty of questions about the future, from the later stages of pregnancy to giving birth to twins, and then raising them. But at the beginning of pregnancy, you will want to know how to stay healthy so you can give your twins the best start.

Finding the right healthcare provider

A healthy twin pregnancy starts with good prenatal care. Twin pregnancies are classed as high-risk, and because there are two babies (and there is more that can go wrong), a twin pregnancy will need more monitoring. You and your twins will be safer, and you will have more peace of mind, if you find a great OBGYN who specializes in twins. Interview several maternal-fetal specialists before choosing, and only settle for your best option. There is no need to receive care from the first doctor you speak to, and listening to your intuition as well as researching your doctor's experience will help.

Taking care of your diet

This tip may be obvious, but your nutritional needs will be more complicated when you are expecting twins, and are individual to your health and body. In an important way, taking care of your diet builds on finding the right prenatal care provider for your pregnancy. Your doctor (or healthcare team) will be able to provide you with dietary advice to suit your needs.

Getting plenty of rest

Not every woman who is pregnant with twins will need official bedrest, but taking plenty of rest will help you reach the goal of keeping your twins in utero for as long as possible. Many twins are born prematurely, and honoring your body's need for rest is one way of giving your twins more time in the womb. Again, this is something you can discuss with your chosen doctor at length.

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