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Deciding what the best time is to have a baby is a very personal process, to which no two families have the same answer. What is not individual is the need to be as healthy as possible before attempting to get pregnant. There are steps that every woman, and every man (let's not forget about the fathers to be, as they are just as important to the conception process!) can undertake to boost their fertility and with that, obviously, their chances of conceiving. These are some pre-conception health tips that every person can implement. Let's mention the negative stuff first.

If you drink or smoke, it is time to stop. I am sure there is no need to say that it is bad if you smoke while pregnant, but did you know that smoking can negatively impact the fertility of both partners too? Alcohol, in moderation, is not quite as serious, but you should stick to a few glasses of wine a week and no more. A healthy body weight is also relevant to your fertility. Both being clinically obese and being underweight can stop women from ovulating, and does not do a man's sperm count any good. Even in less serious cases, it is better to do something about your weight and health before you get pregnant.

Eating healthily, which means foods from every major food group and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, increases your odds of winning the pregnancy lottery. While most healthcare providers recommend a complete prenatal vitamin and folic acid supplements, those who eat very healthily can in fact get all the relevant vitamins just from foods. Cutting down on trans fats, and eating foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, is especially helpful. If you are not already doing regular work outs, start now! Being fit can help you get pregnant, and also makes pregnancy easier on your body!

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