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Have you and your partner decided that the time is ripe to start trying to get pregnant, and to add a baby to your family? What are the best tips for getting pregnant as soon as possible? While conception and pregnancy are complex subject, healthy and fertile couples actually only have to take a few simple steps to increase their odds of getting pregnant. With this post, we'll offer you some simple bullet points to help you assess whether you have done everything in your power to conceive as soon as you can. Preconception questions to ask yourself for both men and women:

Are there any less than healthy habits that I could stop now? Do I smoke, drink alcohol regularly, or eat fast foods? Do I have a sedentary lifestyle? Am I lacking vitamins and minerals (a blood test will give definite results)? Once I have dealt with the negative aspects of my lifestyle is there anything I can do to become more healthy? Can I eat better, take the relevant vitamins and minerals (for women, this most commonly means folic acid), and exercise regularly? Do we know when the female partner ovulates? If not, an ovulation calendar, ovulation tests, or other tracking methods can tell us when we need to get busy! Do we have regular intercourse? During ovulation, do we make an effort to have intercourse first thing in the morning, when the man's sperm count is highest? Are we guilty of the "trying to conceive sins" of either having too much sex, or not enough? How do I feel emotionally? Am I stressed? Is there anything related to trying to get pregnant or other things in our life I need to discuss with my partner? Are we allowing trying to get pregnant to take over our whole relationship, or do we take time to enjoy each other, too?

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