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Women who have one fallopian tube, because they had one tube removed following an ectopic pregnancy or because one tube is blocked, for instance, may wonder what their chances of getting pregnant naturally are. The logical conclusion may be that your fertility is reduced by if you have one remaining, healthy fallopian tube. But fortunately, that doesn't mean getting pregnant has to be a struggle. If your remaining fallopian tube is healthy, you have one or both ovaries, and you are ovulating pregnancy is usually possible. It can certainly be hard to know when you will conceive when you have one fallopian tube.

Taking appropriate measures to track your ovulation and time intercourse accordingly will help, just like it does for every body else. When you time your ovulation, you increase the chances of fertilization and therefore the chances a fertilized egg will successfully make it down to the uterus, even if you have one fallopian tube. Just look for stories of women who have successfully conceived and even conceived extremely easily after having an ectopic pregnancy and one fallopian tube removed to realize that it is totally feasible to get pregnant with one tube.

You can take measures to increase your overall fertility, including taking folic acid, eating healthily and ensuring you take all your vitamins and minerals (either through food or buy using supplements). In addition, women who are fit and of a healthy weight increase their chances of getting pregnant. Your partner, too, plays a big role in the conception process. Eating well and working out regularly increases sperm count. Having the right amount of sex, not too much and not too little, helps too. Men who have sex multiple times a day see their sperm count suffer, as do those who abstain for long periods of time. Conceiving with one fallopian tube should not be a problem, providing all the other factors are in place.

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