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All expecting mothers immediately want what’s best for the baby even when the baby is only a ten week old fetus. It seems the maternal protective instincts kick in straight away.

Points to Stick to in Pregnancy

It is imperative that the all pregnant mothers should avoid things like fumes from paint, cleaning solvents basically any substances that are toxic (this includes lead and mercury of course). This being said, it is important to see your doctor as soon as you find out you are carrying a baby as they will explain everything to you a couple of times. The doctor can explain everything to you and you will be free to ask any questions, which you should, so write down a list of things to want answered and remember it’s never too early to ask questions.

Consumption of Foods, Beverages and Usage of Different Products

Everyone should be fully aware by now about the poor implications of smoking whilst pregnant. To name just a few it can give a consequence of a low birth weight, a tubal pregnancy, infertility and in more serious scenarios, miscarriage, infant death and childhood morbidity. Some researches also point to longer term effects of being born to a smoking mother which is having a learning disability. It is very important to remember that even if you are a non smoker, other people's smoke is just as harmful, so it is highly recommended to insist that there is no smoking around you at any time of the pregnancy. Going onto the importance of drinking, your body will be amplifying your blood volumes which means it is vital to start drinking more liquid and obviously water is the best choice. If you can try to always have a glass of water or juice with you all day as this will encourage you to drink more frequently and you need to be thinking about taking in at least six glasses each and every day. You can monitor your water consumption by checking your urine, basically it should be almost clear or a light yellow but if its dark urine like your first bathroom break in the morning then it’s a sign you need to drink more. Everyone should also know the importance of eating healthy regardless if you’re pregnant or not.Folic Acid in Pregnancy

Most doctors will recommend you have 400 micrograms of folic acid every day for three months prior to getting pregnant and for the first three months of pregnancy as this will help in the prevention of birth defects.

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