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How to recognize the symptoms that indicate pink eye?

Pink eye is actually another term for conjunctivitis, a condition characterized by either inflammation or infection of the membrane that lines the eyelid and a part of the eyeball. The reason why it is called pink eye is related to the fact that the eye becomes pink or red due to the prominence of small blood vessels from the membrane in question. Allergic reaction can also cause this condition, and as for infections, they can be both viral and bacterial. Other symptoms that can help in identifying or at least suspecting of conjunctivitis include irritation of either one or both eyes, tears, as well as some kind of discharge that becomes crusty over night. Since this condition can be easily transmitted to other people, it is important and highly recommended to visit a doctor in order to start with the treatment as soon as possible. Vision is rarely affected, but if left untreated, this condition can only provoke further complications, which are otherwise easily avoided with timely and proper treatment. How to treat pink eye?

The treatment that will be suggested to the person who contracted conjunctivitis depends on whether it is a result of bacterial or viral infection, or if it is a result of allergic reaction. However, the doctor has a wide range of choices at disposal and antibiotics, eye drops, and eye wash are most frequently used.Antibiotics are chosen if an infection to the eye is bacterial in nature, and in this case they are prescribed in the form of eye drops or ointments. Oral antibiotics are prescribed usually if the infection is severe.As for eye drops, saline eye drops are used when it is necessary to eliminate some foreign body that has caused the pink eye, while allergy eye drops are used when allergens cause the problem in question.Eye wash can also promote healing of pink eye, but the person needs to use only clean and purified water.As for other methods that can help in curing pink eye, cold and warm compresses can also be useful. Cold compresses can relieve symptoms such as itchiness and inflammation, and applying a clean piece of cotton soaked in cold water is perfectly enough. As for warm compresses, they are preferred by those who are diagnosed with viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, and it is recommended to use them from time to time in order to make the symptoms subside.

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