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Because ofthe modern world lifestyle that is very fast and full of unexpected events, weare under stress most of the time and that leads to anxiety very often. That is also a reason why we have decided to tell you something more about anxiety stress symptoms.

During theselast decades the way the people live has changed dramatically. We spend most of ourtime working and struggling with many responsibilities, and that is what makes ustensed and anxious. We stopped caring about what our body needs and what weeat and we aren’t as active as we should be. These things are only making our anxietyto rise. Fortunately, a lot of different therapies for reducing anxiety levelsare available these days, including medicines. But, first you have to recognizethis condition in order to react and get help. In order to do that more easily, we will provide you with some facts about the symptoms of anxiety andstress.

Symptoms ofAnxiety and Stress

Anxietywill cause you to feel frightened, irritable and tensed. You will feel anxietyusually because of the prolonged stress and various unpleasant things that are happeningin your life. The most common sign of anxiety and stress is problem withbreathing and the reason why people have difficulties in breathing lies in the lack of oxygenin some parts of the body. Also, pain in the chest is one of the signs ofanxiety and stress. People who are tensed usually say that they feel tightnessin their chest. Tiredness is the symptom of stress and anxiety that is moreoften seen in men than in women. Tiredness or fatigue is usually caused bynumerous stressful activities and work under pressure followed by lack ofsleep. Women usually experience sicknessand they tend to throw up due to elevated anxiety. Due to stress and anxiety, individuals can also suffer from muscle pain, heart palpitations, headaches andthey can lose the desire to eat anything. One other sign of anxiety isdecreased libido, which means that the sufferer has no need for sexualactivity. Problems with defecation, such as watery bowel movements are alsofrequent symptoms of stress. Sufferers can have difficulties to fall asleep andproblems with blood pressure, but the fact is that anxiety can also lead to depression, loss ofmotivation and frustration.

Tips forreducing stress and anxiety levels

Things thatcan be very helpful for people who suffer from stress and anxiety are healthydiet and exercises. This will give your body what is necessary and it willincrease the power to cope with the symptoms. It is of high importance that thesufferer gets help and understanding from family members and friends.

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