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The Two Which Often Go Together

Dizziness and sweating, once appearing as a fit, tend to strike your organism together. Such a combination clearly indicates some kind of a hormonal imbalance. Namely, if you are experiencing dizziness and sweating at the same time, there is a huge chance that your adrenal glands are being hyperactive, as if you were in a life-threatening situation, where most of the blood is pumped into muscles, making it possible for you to run or fight the existing problem. Nevertheless, this phenomenon combination may strike us even if we are not experiencing any difficulties like those mentioned above. There are several different health conditions which might be connected with the appearance of dizziness and sweating, and one needs to get informed about them in order to know the reasons behind his or her problems of this type.

Causes of Dizziness and Sweating

Very common cause of this peculiar combination of symptoms are some anxiety disorders. These may be stress induced, or caused by certain phobias and other uncomfortable situations. In such cases, our organism's fight-or-flight system engages, triggering many changes in it, resulting in dizziness and sweating, among other symptoms. We might experience panic attacks which manifest through hyperventilation, fear of dying, nausea, chest pain and other fits of this type. Some other anxiety disorders are also known to trigger dizziness and sweating, some being more serious than the others.

Adrenal hormones have another important job in our organism. They regulate our blood sugar. Thus, logically, if we have problems with this aspect of our health, and suffer from diabetes or similar conditions, we may experience some anomalies in the functioning of these glands, resulting in sweating and dizziness. Low blood sugar usually strikes diabetics some time after their last meal, probably due to some insulin dysfunctions. Moreover, people who suffer from this illness often have troubles controlling their blood sugar levels with medications and diet. So, their blood sugar levels may suddenly drop, causing them to feel both dizziness and sweating at the same time, similar to the feeling we get when experiencing strong hunger.

Cardiovascular problems are also possible culprits. Adrenal glands are supposed to react in any cases of low blood pressure, circulation problems or other abnormalities. They are to release adrenal hormones which are to solve these problems. As a side-effect we experience dizziness and sweating.

Finally, these hormones of ours may be influenced by different medications, triggering the condition this article is about. These hormonal imbalances are also present in ovulating women, and are considered normal for the state of affairs they are in. More serious cases of this problem involve mobility difficulties, nausea, blurred vision, vomiting, and other symptoms along with the dizziness and sweating. In such cases, it is best to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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