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If you go to the gym regularly, you have probably been exposed to all the myths that people share there. Namely, every gym has its own share of myths about physical fitness. Of course, most of these have no connections with reality and, thus, cannot be taken seriously. However, if you need help in differentiating facts from fiction, read the lines below.

Myths about Physical Fitness

Many gym enthusiasts claim that your metabolism becomes less effective as you age. However, this has nothing to do with your body, but, rather with your lack of physical activity, being a common scenario once people get old. Thus, unless you stop working out, you will not lose your muscle mass. Yet, as you grow older your necessity for exercising increases, so make sure you keep up with the times.

Next, rest assured that, contrary to popular belief, lack of exercising is not making you fat. Rather, you become fat when you provide more calories to your body than you burn on a daily basis. So, if you do not want to become fat, either eat healthier and less or start exercising regularly, so that you can burn extra calories effectively.

Additionally, many people claim that working out on an exercise machine is much safer than doing the same with free weights. Yet, of course, this is not true and machines can be quite dangerous, especially if you are not using them correctly. Thus, be careful, follow the instructions and you will be safe.

Moving on with other myths, know that muscles are not everything. Namely, many will claim that you cannot possibly lift a certain amount of weights without having a proper visible muscle mass. However, weight lifting boosts muscle tissue, not necessarily making the muscles bulkier.

Also, know that everything is fattening when you go overboard with its consumption. Thus, myths about pasta or some other meals being negative for your nutrition are all to be taken lightly.

Finally, we will end the first round of physical fitness myths with the false claim that swimming is the best possible exercise for boosting your muscle mass. This is not true, since swimming allows you to float on the surface of the water, involving your muscles less. However, it is an excellent activity for toning your body and improving your lung capacity.

More Myths regarding Physical Fitness

If someone tells you that running on a treadmill machine has less impact on your joints than running outside, beg to differ, since the effect is exactly the same. Also, do not believe that eating at night will make you fat, since eating in general makes you fat, unless you burn the calories you have inserted in your body. Thus, combine your diet with your exercising schedule and you will have nothing to worry about.

Finally, one of the most persistent myths in the world of physical fitness is “no pain – no gain”. However, this, again, is a terrible lie. So, whenever you experience pain in muscles, let alone bones, stop exercising until your body recovers. Going overboard will only result in injuries.

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