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Effects of overweight among adolescents

Facts about Teenage Obesity

Many teenagers and adolescents are obese. This directly stems from the way of life they are living. Basically, today, children spend more time away from physical exercise than several decades ago. Today, it all comes down to using cheap means of transportation, traveling fast wherever you go and spending a lot of time watching at many different screens in our lives doing nothing constructive whatsoever. Of course this has taken its toll on our children, reaching the peak in their teenage and adolescent years of life.

However, there is another factor contributing to the increase of body weight of these children. Namely, we all tend to eat food which is a far cry from healthy, let alone full of nutrients. Rather, our nutrition concentrates around the food we buy in fast food restaurants or other sources of junk food. Naturally, this makes an impact on our body since we all, as well as our children stuff it with excessive calories and no nutritive substances, giving us more calories than we can possibly burn through the sedentary life we lead.

The rest is pretty straightforward. We eat junk food, we lack physical exercise, we get fat, overweight and, eventually obese, suffering from many health problems which go hand-in-hand with obesity.

Still, the difference between an obese teenager or adolescent and an adult is the greater impact that peers have on the former. There are many social issues which can damage a child's personality through social stigmata which they usually face.

The Negative Effects of Being an Obese Teenager or Adolescent

The first problem these children have to face is the plethora of diseases which might affect them during their obesity period of life. Gallbladder issues, constant fatigue, blood pressure problems, heart diseases and many others are just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of all this, there is peer ridicule and judgment which can cause feelings of inferiority and self-esteem issues which can greatly interfere with a child's performance in school and the life this child will lead as an adult.

Therefore, obesity should not be a part of any teenager or adolescent's life. Parents should do their best to activate their children physically through sports and other activities, making sure their child is developing correctly, burning all excessive calories necessary. Also, they should eat healthy and avoid junk, processed food at all costs.  

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