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Being obese once seemed to be reserved for everyone but children. This may be because once children were much more active, playing outside, engaging in sports, or simply running around, jumping, climbing trees, riding bikes and exploring their surroundings.

Today, more and more children spend most of their time indoors, on computers, playing video games or watching TV. Insufficient physical activity is not the only reason for the increased number of overweight children. Diet plays a crucial role and considering how kids today prefer sugary, fatty or salty snacks and sodas over fruit, vegetables, milk and juice, it is no wonder that childhood obesity becomes one of the most urgent national problems.

Everyone knows that obesity leads to a number of health issues and in children it increases the risk or directly causes serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, joint problems, breathing problems, stroke and some kinds of cancer.

Children who are overweight need to be put on a strict regime that involves both dietary changes and some kind of physical activity or exercise.

Exercise for overweight children

Exercise regimes for children who are overweight do not have to involve the gym. There is a number of fun and effective workouts and activities that children can involve in so they can gain and maintain healthy body weight. However, it is important to understand that physical activity must be coupled with proper dietary changes in order to achieve desired results.

First of all, parents must make sure that the school their child attends has an appropriate sports and workout plan. Fortunately, most schools do offer group activities and sports such as soccer, basketball, softball, swimming and similar. Each child has his or her individual preferences when it comes to sports, that the parents should recognize and encourage.

Next, physical activity must become a family thing. The entire family needs to get involved in their child’s weight loss program and the child will not feel inadequate or alone if everyone is exercising. Family activities such as hiking, jogging, riding bicycles, playing basketball, ice skating, roller skating and others are a great way to introduce more exercise to the child’s everyday routine.

Family, teachers, counselors and everyone else who is involved in a child’s life must be careful not to make the child feel inadequate because of his or her weight. After that, once the bond of trust has been formed regarding the matter, it will be much easier coming up with fun but effective activities that will lead to a healthier weight.

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