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Information on Green Tea

Most people experience no trouble consuming green tea but it may potentially cause certain side effects in some people due to its content of caffeine. Even though it is the natural, green tea may cause certain bothersome side effects in some cases. Higher dosages of green tea can trigger serious side effects, and it is all due to its content of caffeine.

Side Effects

Some side effects of green tea are just bothersome and they do not require a person to ask for immediate medical attention. Those may include nausea, frequent urinations, vomiting, irritability, abdominal bloating, restlessness, insomnia and gas.

Higher dosages of green tea can sometimes trigger certain serious side effects and if any of those occur the person should stop taking green tea and ask for immediate medical attention.

Those side effects may include high blood pressure, difficulty swallowing, a faster heart rate, difficulty breathing, rapid breathing, wheezing, seizures, swollen throat, anxiety, swollen mouth, agitation, itching, irregular heart rhythm, hives, heart palpitations, rash and numerous other allergic reactions. Green tea supplements can sometimes cause liver damage as well.

Safety and Warnings

Green tea can be consumed safely only if it is taken in normal amounts which means a few cups a day. Taking higher dosages may be unsafe for some persons, and it may be wise to consult a doctor before taking any green tea if a person suffers from certain medical conditions, disorders or ailments.

Those may include high blood pressure, food allergies, iron deficiency, anxiety, liver failure, heart problems, dye allergies, liver cirrhosis, preservative allergies, glaucoma and hepatitis. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consult the doctor before taking green tea as a beverage or as a supplement.

Green tea supplements should be avoided because there is not any proof that could confirm their efficiency and safety. Even if a person still opts for green tea supplements, they should be purchased from a reputable manufacturer. It should be noted that green tea can worsen anxiety conditions because it contains caffeine.

It is the same reason why it may affect certain heart conditions in a negative manner. Persons suffering from such conditions should not take drink tea. Caffeine from the green tea can also make things worse for those who suffer from glaucoma as well.

Green tea can also increase the blood pressure in those who already suffer from high blood pressure. An interaction with medications and other herbs and supplements is quite possible.

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