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Information on Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is very popular because it provides the humanbody with numerous health benefits and it can be used for various medicinalpurposes. It is also used extensively in the commercial industry because of itspotent flavor enhancing properties, but one should be careful because it canalso be associated with certain types of side effects. The amounts ofpeppermint oil used in most commercial preparations is insignificant and ittakes only a pinch of the menthol extract for the generation of the well-known,pleasant taste commonly associated with the peppermint oil. It is commonly usedin gums, teas and toothpastes. Peppermint tea is very low on menthol compoundand should pose no threats to an average consumer. Pregnant women should avoidit though because it may be associated with a miscarriage. Those who sufferfrom GERD should also steer clear of peppermint oil in any form because it isknown for aggravating the symptoms of the medical condition known as the acidreflex.

Side Effects of Peppermint Oil

Side effects of peppermint oil are usually affiliated withits for various medicinal purposes. They are commonly triggered by the ease ofavailability, wrong circumstances and incorrect use. Peppermint oil is verypotent because it is a direct derivative of the plant so it is very easy for anoverdose to occur in some cases. Peppermint oil is never used in large amountsin various consumable products because the menthol contained is rather strong,but if one uses the peppermint oil in the form of pills it can easily lead toan overdose because of the absence of the strong taste. Peppermint oil can beassociated with a reduced heart rate so it is a good idea for all those whosuffer from heart diseases to avoid using it in any form. It can also triggercertain allergic reactions which are commonly associated with swollen throatsand other breathing passages. If applied topically to the skin it may triggerreactions such as skin rash, contact dermatitis and chemical burns. Peppermintoil injections can also be associated with lung damage in certain cases. Mostside effects of peppermint oil may be triggered by incorrect use but it stillshould not be used by pregnant women, little children and people who sufferfrom serious medical conditions such as gallstones and heart disease. Oneshould always consult the doctor before using peppermint oil in any form.

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